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[IMG]Doduo_wrong_image.png2018-05-14 08:58 40k
[IMG]Ekans.png2018-05-14 09:57 76k
[IMG]Gloom old map.png2018-05-14 09:57 120k
[IMG]Golbat.png2018-05-14 09:57 120k
[IMG]it looks like CSS is not working correctly.png2018-05-14 08:58 272k
[IMG]missing NPC Bobby.png2018-05-14 08:58 428k
[IMG]missing NPC Fishing Maser Ronald.png2018-05-14 08:58 32k
[IMG]oddish.png2018-05-14 08:58 176k
[IMG]onix.png2018-05-14 08:58 76k
[IMG]Parasect old rarity system.png2018-05-14 09:57 128k
[IMG]route 11 kingler night and day the same.png2018-05-14 08:58 48k
[IMG]Route 31.png2018-05-14 08:58 368k
[IMG]Route 46.png2018-05-14 08:58 512k
[IMG]Venomoth old rarity system.png2018-05-14 09:57 120k
[IMG]Zubat.png2018-05-14 09:57 136k
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